Thursday, April 26, 2007

 Champville Basketball goes down to the BlueStars in semi-finals

it is the end of the Lebanese Basketball Championship season for Champville team when they lost the semi-final third decicive match, 3 to 0, against The bluestars by the score of 83 - 90.

Devon Ford led Champville scores with 31 points while Corey Louis and Mario Abboud both added 10.
Quarters: 21 14 - 19 16 - 27 22 - 23 31

Champville edged by BlueStars

Champville was involved in a close game against the Blue Stars during the second game of the Lebanese basketball championship semi-finals. Champville team was not able to take the lead in any of the 4 quarters despite Devon Ford's game high 36 points. In fact, all the quarters ended to the Blue Stars' side 22-24, 36-44, 56-67 and 79-84. Elie Mchantaf added 10 pts while Fadi el Khatib was the best scorer in the BlueStars' team with 33 pts. This was the 2nd loss against the BlueStars in the series. Champville are now down 2-0 and will need to win all their matches to advance to the final; while, on the other hand, the BLueStars need only one win to insure a spot to meet the winner between Sagesse and Riyadi.

Note: Devon Ford is averaging in the final four 33 ppg. The next game will be played tommorow (23-4-07) at BlueStars' homecourt at 21 45.

Lebanese basketball Final 4 - Champville fall to BlueStars 76 - 86

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Devon ford hit a game high 30 points, 26 in the 1st half, but it wasn't enough to prevent a loss in an overtime thriller to the Blue Stars during the Lebanese basketball championship semi-finals.Karl Sarkis hit 2 free throws to tie the game 73-73 with 5.6 seconds left.Then honeycut missed the jumper and the game went to overtime.Champville only managed to score 3 points in the extra-time which gave the lead 1-0 to the Blue Stars.Champville's total rebound in the 1st half was higher than the BlueStars' and gave the team extra-possessions. But then in the second half, the Blue Stars, who made a great comeback in rebounding, played tough defense on Devon Ford who only scored 4 total points.The series will continue in Dik El Mehdi Sunday at 4 p.m.Champville will look forward to take advantage of it's home court to tie the series 1-1.

Ghassan Sarkiss told us that he was somehow satisfied with the players' performance where they showed a good team play despite the pressure that was laying on them especially that the Blue Stars team is one the candidates to win the title this season.

Lebanese basketball CUP - Semi Final: Champville 102 - Riyadi Beirut 79

Champville lost in front of Riyadi Beirut 79 - 102 during the semi-final of the Lebanese Basketball Cup that was held at Ghazir court yesterday evening and with the abscence of Elie Mchantaf and Hani El-Zakhem.
Best Scorers Corey Louis (21 pts), 11 rebounds) and Devon Ford (18 pts).
Previously, Champville have won over Al-Burj Antoura 97 - 76 without the presence of the Foreign players nor Elie Mchantaf, karl Sarkiss, Mario Abboud and Hani El-Zakhem.

Best Scorer: David Deryaghyayian 19pts

Champville heads to the Final 4

Monday 26th March 2007

Champville team hosted and took over Antranik in the third and decicive game during the Lebanese Championship Playoffs.
Quarters: 23 14 / 41 36 / 59 52 / 79 70
The game started cautiously as both teams played a defensive strategy that resulted with many turn overs from both sides until Champville managed to end the 1st quarter 23 14.Coach Ghassan Sarkiss continued with the same lineup all the way through the game keeping Devon Ford (Best Scorer 23 pts), Corey Louis, ELie Mchantaf (15 pts), David Der Yaghyayian(5 three points) and Mario Abboud (17 pts and 18 rebounds)
Despite his fouling out in the last quarter (79 70), when Mario was introduced in the starting lineup, the chants began: Marioooo, Mario who was the match turning point showing a good quality of a player.

Ghassan sarkiss: In the second game, Antranik annoyed us with the pick & Roll on Copperwood so we used Mario Abboud double team on pick and we managed to stop most of their key players such as Hosep (who couldn't score) and Vicken Eskedjian. Antranik had to use only one or two of their Players and couldn't lever with us. You can notice that we never had a leveled score and we were ahead all the way. The guys played well.